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Groov Specialty Speakers
Specialty Speakers
Groov specialty speakers offer superior performance in cabinets designed to blend with your decor.
Our 3-way panel speakers provide high-end audio to compliment your high-end flat panel television. Panel speakers offer incredible imaging and realism that completely envelopes the listener. At only 4" deep, they fit perfectly on a wall beside your television for a truly custom look. Positioned horizontally, a panel speaker is the ideal center channel speaker so your small space doesn't have to mean small sound.
Our compact speakers can be hidden virtually anywhere in the room so that only the performance stands out. When combined with a powered subwoofer, Groov compact speakers offer full-range clarity and depth normally found only in much larger systems.
Groov Specialty Speakers

Groov speaker colors
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Groov Specialty Speakers
Speakers with grilles on
Groov Panel Speakers